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Original Article: Further Information On Friendship Training by Chuck “I always recommends to prospective students a preliminary if not greater in-depth understanding of equine culture and normal herd dynamics in their natural environment that can only be gained from equine more »

Man Bites Horse

Originally posted on Paschel: Dr. Cook, some people call you “the father of bitless riding” but would it be more accurate to call you a researcher on the bit and bitless riding? Cook: Yes. Bitless riding was first discovered more »

Head and Neck Position’s Effects on Horse Behavior Studied

Researchers identified more behavioral signs of discomfort in horses when their heads were held behind the vertical compared to when horses carried a “normal” head and neck position.Photo: Erica Larson, News Editor The question of whether or not certain head more »

Are Bits “Bronze Age” Technology?

An article by Carley Sparks, published in the June edition of Horse Sport magazine. The article as pdf can be found here:

The effects of the bit

Dr. Robert Cook: Damage By The Bit to the Equine Interdental Space and Second Lower Premolar [2011]

This is the pre-peer-review version of the following article: “Damage By The Bit to the Equine Interdental Space and Second Lower Premolar” published in Equine Veterinary Education, 23, 355-360, 2011. The pdf document can be found under