Hackamore with Bosal

Bosals and Hackamores were originally used to start colts in training. A hackamore does not injure sensitive tissue in the colt’s mouth and provides firm and safe control. The term Hackamore and Bosal are used interchangeable, but technically the Bosal is only the rawhide braid around the nose of the horse. The Mecate (rope that creates the rein and leadline), together with the Bosal and headstall complete the Hackamore.

The Bosal comes in different width, where the thinner the Bosal, the lighter it is, which means less pressure on the horse’s nose. The higher trained the horse is, the thinner the Bosal that is needed. When the reins are pulled, the bosal pushes on the top of the nose. A higher quality Bosal will be less stiff and with time will adapt around the individual horse’s nose. The more flexible and elastic, the more accurately the rider can communicate.

The Bosal Hackamore is known as a bridle that’s the most difficult to learn and to handle.

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